The Hound’s Curse
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The Hound’s Curse
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Supernatural Thriller/Horror
120 minutes
In Development

Inspired by true events: Zeah Koburn, advisor from the Occult Crime Unit in South Africa’s police force, and a US journalist have two days to rescue an albino boy from the hands of brutal traffickers and witch doctors – only to find that they are themselves in a countdown to save their own lives and sanity. 

Driven by the loss of her own baby she blames on witchdoctors, hard boiled occult crime expert Zeah Koburn has made it her mission to go after a murderous ring of traffickers who abduct and slaughter children for their body parts to sell as Muti (traditional magic medicine).

Following a lead to a remote village she discovers the abduction of a ‘cursed’ boy with albinism by the very same traffickers she’s chasing. Pressed for time she reluctantly partners with Alex, a tenacious US journalist determined to expose the horrific trade of body parts. Together they enter a dangerous world of the occult where dealers are worse monsters than the demons they seek profit off. Zeah’s mission becomes more than just a man hunt when she discovers a difficult truth. The only way to save the child is to accept the power of traditional faith and overcome her own prejudices.



The butchering of people and particular people with albinism for Muti is still a tragic reality in South Africa. Their body parts are rumoured to contain magical powers and are sold in secret by traditional healers and witch doctors as magic potion with the promise to bring wealth, luck or protection. The rise in these gruesome crimes and the fear of superstitious police officers to prosecute healers has let in the 90s to the formation of the Occult Crime Unit, the world’s only police department dedicated to prosecute witchcraft.


Director and writer John Wate traveled extensively through South Africa for the research of this film, which let him to discover the true unknown horrors of the witchcraft killings (see also our tab on ‘Following the Witchcraft Killings’ about his journey, which is now in the development for a documentary)