The Joe Jackson Show
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Production Status: In Development
Running Time: 90 minutes
Genre: Comedy-Drama

A TV series is an escape…

That’s probably why he made it up.

A comedy-drama film blending elements of romance and surrealism, written by James A Coleman.

The Joe Jackson Show is a live action comedy-drama film about a man who sees his life as a TV series. He’s not paranoid, it’s just the way he copes. TO him everything that happens is scripted, and he discusses the development regularly with the non-existent director, Richard, and talks to the other actors about their characters and the plot beats. It gives him a sense of control about the world.

For as long as he can remember he’s had an on-off relationship with Jade. She seems to be the ┬áRachel to his Ross, the person he’s destined for (at least, according to Richard), but Joe has started to fall for a girl called Helen, and his mind can’t cope when he tries to balance his feelings with his fantasy.

The film has strong theme of escapism, destiny, responsibility, denial and social connection. The Joe Jackson Show will be a funny, engaging, thought-provoking piece with general appeal to a wide audience.



Main Characters

Joe Jackson
27 years old
Quite flighty and fickle Joe is desperate for exhilarating, extraordinary things to happen, because when life is just a TV show consequences are only plot developments, and death is just the end of a contract. Joe is terrified of facing reality as it is, and he’s become very good at hiding from it in his own artificial world.

Helen Williamson
24 years old
Helen is an intelligent, down to Earth woman – exactly the wrong person for Richard’s idea of a TV romantic interest. Trusting but not naive, Helen would rather give someone the benefit of the doubt than potentially alienate a person in need, which leaves her open to manipulation by those with ulterior motives.

Jade Carr
27 years old
Joe’s ex-fiancee and one of his closest and oldest friends, Jade is fearless and fun-loving, which is part of why she seems so appealing to both Joe and Richard. Jade is always on the lookout for something more fun than she’s doing right now, but she doesn’t hide from the consequence as Joe does.

30 years old (in appearance)
The imagined director of Joe’s TV series, Richard is smart in both appearance and intellect, and always knows more than he’s letting on. He does seems to care about his actors, and his concern for Joe’s welfare is only outweighed by his desire for high ratings.


Supporting Characters

Joe’s family life features prominently throughout the film – his mother, his brother and their elderly neighbour (who is practically part of the family). Through the comparison between Joe’s interactions with them both ‘on camera’ and ‘off camera’ we see how his perception of them and how they fit into his life is warped, and the unfair and unshakeable opinions of them he hides.
We also see elements of his work life, in particular his boss and his three colleagues Sharon, Pete and Dave. These characters and their actions helps to highlight how out of control Joe’s ‘show’ really is, as he is unable to influence them or understand them the way he feels he should.


The Writer – James A. Coleman

James has been developing the script for ‘The Joe Jackson Show’ for a number of years, taking it to numerous competitions and working with producers, directors and fellow writers from a variety of backgrounds to improve the script’s characters, story and tone. The themes of escapism, denial and social connection are very close to James’ heart and experiences, and he is the ideal writer to bring Joe Jackson’s flight with reality to the screen.